Drive Your Growth with Advanced Planning Data

Connect to a wealth of UK planning data and unlock new opportunities for lead generation and strategic outreach with PlanAtom.

Strategic Sales Enhancement

Power up construction-focused prospecting with PlanAtom’s real-time, insightful planning and building data.

  • Streamline Sales Automation
  • Boost Outreach Relevance
  • Sharpen Lead Targeting
  • Expand Client Base
  • Drive Profit Growth
  • Personalise Engagement

“PlanAtom's daily planning application feed delivers fresh sales prospects, enabling us to quickly engage new customers before our competitors, streamlining and speeding up our sales process.”

Dan Carney, Principal, Project XI

Plan. Pitch. Prosper.

How PlanAtom Builds Your Sales Pipeline

PlanAtom streamlines the sales process for construction businesses by meticulously gathering planning application data from hundreds of local authorities. Our advanced AI goes to work on this data, organising it into an accessible graph that connects agents, case officers, and applicants. This creates a tailored and efficient sales pipeline, offering a daily stream of potential leads directly relevant to your services.

Our platform simplifies the process of identifying the right projects for your business, enabling rapid engagement with new clients. Integration with your existing CRM systems is seamless, or you can opt to use our handy Google Sheets extension or robust API.

PlanAtom turns complex planning data into actionable insights, giving you the upper hand in the competitive construction industry. Our focus is on maximising your efficiency, allowing more time for what truly matters—forging solid connections and growing your business. Adopting PlanAtom means embracing a proactive approach to lead generation, and securing a consistent advantage in securing new opportunities.

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“When I was running my own construction firm, I realised the challenge we all face: finding the right projects. PlanAtom was born from that need — crafted by builders, serving builders.”

Chris Garrett, Founder, PlanAtom

Insight, Integration, Impact

Precision Planning Data Services

Construction, finance, development, and architecture – access real-time UK planning data, effortlessly integrated into your workflow.

Data Aggregation
Get instant access to a comprehensive database of planning information from local authorities across the UK, updated in real-time to keep your business ahead.
CRM Integration
Seamlessly funnel vital planning data into your existing CRM systems, enabling more efficient processes and personalised outreach.
Google Sheets Extension
Directly import and manipulate planning data within Google Sheets, allowing for flexible data analysis and reporting without leaving your spreadsheet environment.
API Access
Integrate our robust API to fetch tailored planning data on-demand, enhancing your applications with dynamic and precise information for informed decision-making.

Use Cases for Construction Pros

PlanAtom streamlines prospecting across the development sector, aiding contractors, financiers, developers, architects, and agents in identifying opportunities and making informed decisions with comprehensive planning data.

Seamless CRM Integration

PlanAtom seamlessly feeds new construction leads into your existing CRM systems, such as Salesforce and HubSpot, ensuring a constant stream of fresh prospects delivered every hour, directly into your workflow.