Revolutionizing Construction Sales with PlanAtom

Discover Opportunities, Engage Quickly, and Close Deals Faster

In the fast-paced world of construction, being the first to identify and engage with potential clients is crucial. PlanAtom empowers builders with data-driven insights, transforming the way you find and connect with planning applicants across the UK. Our tailored search options, real-time alerts, and integration capabilities ensure that you’re not just ahead of the competition – you’re leading it.

Tailored Searches: Find the Perfect Match for Your Expertise

Every builder has a unique set of skills and specialties. PlanAtom’s comprehensive UK Planning Data aggregation feature helps you leverage this expertise. With tailored searches, you can sift through vast planning data to find projects that align perfectly with your building capabilities. This means every lead you pursue is a step closer to a successful deal.

Instant Alerts: Be the First to Engage

Timing is everything. Our alert system ensures you’re the first builder to know about new planning applications. This immediacy allows you to engage with potential clients before anyone else, setting the stage for a successful sales pitch. PlanAtom keeps you informed and ready to act.

Seamless CRM Integrations and Google Sheets Extension

Efficiency is key in turning leads into sales. PlanAtom’s CRM Integrations streamline your sales process, ensuring all data is in sync and accessible. For those preferring a more familiar tool, our Google Sheets extension provides an alternative, integrating planning data directly into your existing workflow. These tools are designed to speed up your sales cycle, driving faster deal completions.

API: Powering Bespoke Solutions

For bespoke needs, PlanAtom’s API offers endless possibilities. Integrate our rich planning data into your custom systems, ensuring you have all the insights you need, the way you need them.

PlanAtom: Empowering Builders to Lead the Market

With PlanAtom, you’re not just finding leads – you’re uncovering opportunities that align with your expertise, engaging with clients before the competition, and streamlining your sales cycle for quicker, more efficient deal closures. Our commitment is to keep you at the forefront of your industry, with data-driven strategies that translate into real-world success.