Procore Integration with PlanAtom

Elevate your construction project management with PlanAtom’s integration into Procore. PlanAtom funnels undiscovered, new leads directly into your Procore system, tailored for the construction industry’s unique needs. This integration is about opening doors to new projects and opportunities with precision targeting.

Streamlined Project Initiation

PlanAtom’s integration pushes fresh leads into Procore, setting the stage for new project opportunities. These leads are pinpointed to align with your construction services, providing a solid foundation for your sales team to initiate contact and bid on projects.

Procore’s Project Management Excellence

Leverage Procore’s comprehensive project management tools to turn leads from PlanAtom into actionable projects. With Procore, you can track the progress of each lead from the initial bid through to project completion, ensuring a smooth transition from sales to service delivery.

Proactive Outreach in Construction

Equip your outreach team with PlanAtom’s integration into Procore. The synergy of PlanAtom’s lead generation and Procore’s robust CRM capabilities ensures that every new lead is a step towards a potential new project, with all the details needed for a tailored approach.

Procore Tools for Targeted Follow-ups

Utilize Procore’s communication tools to create targeted follow-ups and maintain connections with leads provided by PlanAtom. This ensures that no opportunity is missed, and every lead is nurtured through Procore’s streamlined interface.

Maximising Lead Potential

With PlanAtom integrated into Procore, manage your leads within a system developed specifically for the construction sector. The integration ensures that your sales pipeline is consistently replenished with high-potential leads, driving growth and expanding your project portfolio.

Procore’s Analytics for Strategic Growth

Use Procore’s analytics to monitor the performance of the leads sourced from PlanAtom. Assess the quality of leads, the success rate of bids, and the ROI of your outreach campaigns, all within Procore’s dashboard, empowering data-driven decision-making.

By integrating PlanAtom with Procore, your construction business gains a significant advantage in lead acquisition and project management. PlanAtom’s tailored leads combined with Procore’s industry-specific tools create a seamless bridge between potential opportunities and successful project completion.