Key Features to Boost Business Growth

Explore the essential tools that PlanAtom offers to enhance your construction business's growth, streamline your workflow, and give you the competitive edge in securing more construction projects.

Insights to Win Bids

Essential Planning Intelligence

Elevate your business strategy with real-time planning application feeds, comprehensive filters, and AI-powered relationship graphs, crafted for your success.

Real-Time Planning Application Feed:
Access up-to-the-minute planning applications to stay ahead in the market.
Advanced Search and Filter Options:
Filter by keyword, location, and more for targeted planning application insights.
AI-Powered Application Graph:
Navigate an AI-driven graph linking applications, agents, and applicants efficiently.

Demo: A daily feed of planning decisions in Cheshire East, based on our data.

Data Aggregation Simplified

Gather planning information efficiently, ensuring your pipeline always stays robust and current.

Comprehensive Data Collection

Access a wide array of planning data, updated instantly to empower decisions.

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Automated Data Analysis

Our AI scrutinises patterns, identifying prime opportunities in a sea of data.

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Real-Time Data Updates

Stay ahead with real-time updates, ensuring you never miss a business opportunity.

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Seamless CRM Integration

Seamlessly connect PlanAtom to your CRM for a continuous supply of fresh, actionable sales leads, directly populating your pipeline.

Instant Lead Sync

Automatically syncs new leads with your CRM, ensuring immediate follow-up opportunities.

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Effortless Setup Process

Quick, user-friendly setup integrates with your system, no technical expertise required.

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Continuous Data Flow

Ensures a steady stream of new leads directly into your sales pipeline for consistent growth.

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Google Sheets Sync

Integrate real-time planning application updates directly into Google Sheets, customising filters to constantly refresh your data for strategic planning.

Native Sheets Extension

Seamlessly integrate our planning data feed with Google Sheets via a native extension for efficient data access.

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Custom Synced Sheets

Create tailored synced sheets within Google Sheets that automatically update with new planning applications as they come in.

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Defined Filters and Searches

Specify filters and search parameters to refine the data, ensuring your Google Sheets only populate with relevant planning applications.

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API Connectivity

Seamlessly integrate real-time planning data with your existing systems via our robust API.

Real-Time Data

Access up-to-the-minute planning application information to keep your systems and strategies current.

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Comprehensive Integration

Easily connect with CRM, project management tools, or custom applications to streamline your workflows.

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Flexible Queries

Utilise powerful query parameters to retrieve the exact data you need, tailored for your business requirements.

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Start Winning with Real-Time Data

Unlock your construction business's potential with our live feed of planning applications. Register now for tailored insights and stay ahead of the competition.