Unlocking Profit with Data in Construction

Harness the power of planning data to identify and secure profitable construction projects before your competitors do.

Builders' Project Match

Discover perfect-fit projects swiftly, engage clients first, and close deals with precision using real-time data.

Ideal Matches

Leverage tailored searches to find projects that match your building expertise.

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First Contact

Utilize alerts to be the first builder engaging with potential clients.

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Swift Closures

Speed up sales cycles with actionable leads, driving faster deal completions.

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Lender-Focused Insight

Locate developers seeking financial partnerships, directly aligning with your lending focus for new ventures.

Lender Insight

Discover development projects in need of funding, perfect for your investment portfolio.

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Evaluate Developers

Assess developer potential and reliability to ensure profitable financial engagements.

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Matchmaking Funds

Connect your finance offers with developers planning projects that meet your investment strategy.

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Strategic Development Sourcing

Access properties with planning grants for immediate development and monitor nearby planning activity.

Planning Insight

Gain early alerts on properties granted planning permission, perfect for swift acquisitions.

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Area Monitoring

Stay informed on local planning activities to strategise property development acquisitions.

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Opportunity Alerts

Receive updates on new planning consents to quickly identify development opportunities.

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Countless Construction Use Cases

Empowering Every Player in the Construction Ecosystem

Our platform offers a unique edge for suppliers and service providers in the construction sector by pinpointing precise sales prospects: those who have just obtained planning permission. Brick merchants, timber suppliers, and vendors of crucial building materials can use our data to directly target these newly approved projects, ensuring they are the first to propose their products. Similarly, kitchen and bathroom suppliers can utilise our service to identify property developers and contractors at the outset of their search for quality fittings.

Legal experts and real estate agents also stand to benefit significantly. They can directly approach individuals or businesses who have secured planning permissions and will soon need legal services or are looking to buy or sell property. This targeted approach transforms the way sales prospects are identified, moving from a broad market trend analysis to a sharp focus on immediate, actionable leads for robust business development.

“PlanAtom's precise data enables us to target properties due for boiler upgrades—skyrocketing our sales conversions.”

CEO, one of the UK's leading boiler installers

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