Buildertrend Integration with PlanAtom

PlanAtom’s integration with Buildertrend brings a transformative approach to lead management for construction professionals. By infusing your Buildertrend CRM with fresh, targeted leads, we enable your team to concentrate on proactive outreach and business development, focusing on new market opportunities rather than managing existing clientele.

Construction-Specific Lead Generation

PlanAtom provides Buildertrend with leads that are not just new names but potential projects and partnerships. These leads are carefully selected for their relevance to the construction sector, ensuring that every new contact is a potential job site waiting for your expertise.

Leveraging Buildertrend Features

With PlanAtom’s integration, leverage Buildertrend’s construction-focused CRM to organise and track these new opportunities. Utilize the platform’s project management tools to align leads with potential jobs and ensure that your outreach is as efficient as the projects you manage.

Streamlined Outreach in Construction

Embrace the power of combining PlanAtom’s lead generation with Buildertrend’s robust CRM to keep your sales pipeline as structured and reliable as your builds. This integration ensures a constant supply of new leads tailored to the construction industry’s unique needs.

Buildertrend’s Communication Tools

Exploit Buildertrend’s communication modules to keep potential leads engaged. Its centralized communication system allows you to schedule meetings, share project updates, and follow up on leads, all within the same platform where you manage your construction projects.

Sustained Business Expansion

Integrating PlanAtom with Buildertrend guarantees a consistent influx of fresh leads. Your sales team can continually cultivate new relationships, leading to a steady stream of construction projects and contributing to your company’s sustained growth.

Insightful Analytics with Buildertrend

Benefit from Buildertrend’s analytical capabilities to evaluate the quality of leads from PlanAtom. Monitor engagement levels, track lead conversion rates, and adjust your outreach strategy based on actionable insights provided by Buildertrend’s comprehensive dashboard.

Integrating PlanAtom with Buildertrend isn’t just about acquiring new leads; it’s about setting a foundation for scalable growth within the construction industry. By connecting PlanAtom’s carefully curated leads with Buildertrend’s specialized CRM, your team is well-equipped to expand its project portfolio and build lasting business relationships.