Salesforce Integration with PlanAtom

PlanAtom’s integration with Salesforce revolutionises the way businesses approach outreach by delivering a stream of new and undiscovered leads directly into your Salesforce ecosystem. This innovative feature is tailored for proactive teams looking to expand their horizons and engage with fresh opportunities before the competition.

Dynamic Lead Generation

By leveraging PlanAtom’s sophisticated data aggregation capabilities, your Salesforce instance becomes a powerful hub for dynamic lead generation. Our system meticulously scans a vast array of planning data, extracting potential leads that align with your strategic goals and instantly populates them within Salesforce.

Salesforce Objects and Workflow

The leads are organised into Salesforce Objects, making it easy to navigate and manage your burgeoning pipeline. Utilise standard Salesforce workflows to assign tasks, set up follow-up reminders, and track the progression of each lead through your sales process.

Outreach Efficiency

This seamless integration is specifically designed for outreach, not inbound. It ensures your team can focus on what they do best—connecting and engaging with prospects. With PlanAtom’s lead generation fuelling your Salesforce, your outreach campaigns can be more targeted, more strategic, and ultimately, more effective.

Lead Qualification

Within Salesforce, you can take advantage of features like Lead Scoring to prioritise the most promising prospects. Combine this with the rich data provided by PlanAtom to craft personalised and impactful outreach campaigns.

Customisable Lead Flow

Our integration respects the customisability of Salesforce. You can define the criteria for the leads you receive, ensuring every new entry in your Salesforce CRM is relevant and holds the potential for conversion.

Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

Harness the power of Salesforce Reports and Dashboards to gain insights into the leads supplied by PlanAtom. Monitor the effectiveness of your outreach strategies and continuously refine your approach based on concrete data.

PlanAtom’s Salesforce integration is more than just a bridge to new leads—it’s a strategic asset for your outreach campaigns. By populating Salesforce with fresh leads tailored to your specifications, PlanAtom empowers your sales team to pioneer new markets and seize opportunities with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Begin your journey with PlanAtom and transform your Salesforce into an outreach powerhouse.