UK Planning Data Aggregation: Fuel Your Sales Growth with Real-Time Data

Elevate Your Sales Strategy with Up-to-the-Minute Planning Data: In the competitive world of property development, construction, and lending, timely information is key to staying ahead. PlanAtom provides an exclusive real-time feed of UK planning decisions and registrations, empowering your sales teams to identify and capture sales targets quickly. Outpace your competitors by leveraging our comprehensive planning data.

Learn more about how this transforms the game for builders, lenders, and property developers.

Instant Access to Actionable Planning Data

A Wealth of Data for Accelerated Sales: Gain immediate access to a vast array of updated planning data with PlanAtom. This instant, in-depth information is crucial for making swift sales decisions, providing your team with the tools to quickly identify and act on new opportunities.

AI-Driven Insights for Sales Opportunities: Our sophisticated AI algorithms expertly analyze the data, uncovering valuable sales opportunities hidden within. This intelligent scrutiny ensures that you receive not just data, but actionable insights that directly contribute to sales growth.

Stay Ahead with Real-Time Data: The dynamic property market demands agility. PlanAtom ensures you’re always in the loop with the latest updates, so you never miss out on potential sales. Stay one step ahead of the market, and even further ahead of your competition.

Empowering Your Sales Team

Turn Data into Sales: With PlanAtom, your sales team is always equipped with real-time, actionable data. This enables them to proactively reach out to potential clients, effectively transforming data into successful sales, often before competitors are even aware of these opportunities.

Tailored Data for Targeted Sales Strategies: Customize the data you receive to align with your specific sales goals. PlanAtom’s tailored approach ensures that the information you get is not just relevant, but a powerful tool for driving sales.

Seamless System Integration for Efficient Sales Processes: Our data feeds integrate effortlessly with your existing systems, be it CRM or other sales tools, enhancing your sales process and efficiency.

PlanAtom: Your Catalyst for Sales Success

PlanAtom is more than a data provider; it’s a pivotal element in your sales strategy. Our platform is designed to give you an edge in a competitive market, transforming planning data into tangible sales results.

Explore Our Additional Features

Enhance your sales strategy with PlanAtom’s suite of features:

  • CRM Integrations: Integrate our data directly with your CRM for streamlined sales management.
  • Google Sheets Extension: Opt for a more flexible data handling solution.
  • API: Customize your data approach with our powerful API for specific use cases.