Empowering Property Developers with PlanAtom

Capitalize on New Planning Grants for Timely Acquisitions

In the dynamic world of property development, the ability to quickly identify and act on newly granted planning permissions is essential. PlanAtom provides an edge, offering early alerts and comprehensive insights into local planning activities. Our tools enable you to strategize property development acquisitions effectively, ensuring you’re always one step ahead.

Early Alerts: Seize Opportunities for Swift Acquisitions

Time is of the essence in property development. With PlanAtom’s UK Planning Data aggregation, you gain early access to information on properties granted planning permission. This empowers you to make swift acquisitions, positioning you ahead of competitors. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or mixed-use developments, our data ensures you’re the first to know and act.

Stay Informed: Strategize with Local Planning Insights

Understanding the local planning landscape is crucial for strategic acquisitions. PlanAtom keeps you informed about ongoing and upcoming planning activities in your areas of interest. This knowledge allows you to plan and execute property development projects with precision, ensuring that every acquisition aligns perfectly with your development goals.

Updates on New Planning Consents: Identify Development Opportunities Quickly

Receiving timely updates on new planning consents is key to identifying lucrative development opportunities. PlanAtom ensures that you’re not just updated but ahead in the race. This immediacy allows you to quickly raise the necessary finance, break ground immediately after acquisition, and maintain a continuous development pipeline.

Seamless Integration and Customization

Our CRM Integrations offer seamless synchronization of planning data with your business processes. For those who prefer a simpler tool, our Google Sheets extension makes planning data management straightforward and efficient. And for bespoke needs, PlanAtom’s API allows you to tailor the planning data integration to your specific operational requirements.

PlanAtom: The Developer’s Advantage in Property Development

PlanAtom equips you with the tools and insights to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of property development. Our focus is on providing early, relevant, and actionable planning data, enabling you to make informed decisions, secure timely acquisitions, and successfully execute your development projects.