Transforming Lending and Brokerage with PlanAtom

Connect with Valuable Development Projects and Forge Lasting Partnerships

For lenders and brokers, the key to success lies in finding the right development projects and reliable partners. PlanAtom offers unparalleled access to UK’s planning data, enabling you to discover and engage with high-value development projects and repeat developers. Our tools are designed to enhance your deal flow, providing data-driven opportunities that align with your investment strategy.

Discover Investment-Worthy Projects

Finding projects that need funding and fit your investment portfolio can be challenging. PlanAtom’s UK Planning Data aggregation feature simplifies this process. Whether you’re looking to finance small-scale residential projects or large commercial developments, our comprehensive data lets you identify potential borrowers efficiently, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Identify Long-Lasting Partnerships

Sustainable success in lending and brokerage is about building long-term relationships. With PlanAtom, you can identify repeat and high-volume developers, enabling you to establish connections that lead to continuous business. These developers often represent stable and ongoing opportunities, making them valuable assets in your portfolio.

Seamless CRM Integrations and Google Sheets Extension

Stay ahead of the curve with PlanAtom’s CRM Integrations. Our integration capabilities ensure that all relevant planning data is seamlessly incorporated into your existing systems, facilitating quick and informed decision-making. For those who prefer a more straightforward approach, our Google Sheets extension offers an alternative path to access and manage planning data directly from your spreadsheet environment.

API: Customized Data Solutions

PlanAtom’s API provides a tailored solution for your unique needs. Integrate our expansive planning data into your bespoke systems, ensuring that you have all the necessary information to align your finance offers with developers planning projects that resonate with your investment strategy.

PlanAtom: Empowering Brokers and Lenders to Lead the Market

With PlanAtom, you’re not just finding potential borrowers – you’re discovering opportunities that perfectly match your investment criteria, engaging with reliable partners for long-term collaboration, and aligning your finance offers with promising development projects. Our commitment is to keep you at the forefront of your industry, with data-driven strategies that translate into increased deal flow and successful investments.