PlanAtom API: Integrating Real-Time Planning Data with Your Custom Solutions

Unlocking New Possibilities with PlanAtom’s REST API: Large construction firms, substantial lenders, and major property developers can now seamlessly integrate UK planning decisions and registrations into their bespoke apps and systems using PlanAtom’s REST API. This integration not only brings the latest planning data to your fingertips but also opens doors to innovative applications. Blend our data with other sources like internal data warehouses, land registry, and companies house data, to create a comprehensive overview. Perfect for builders, lenders, and property developers, our API ensures your strategies and systems are always current and competitive. Experience our API in action with the Cheshire East Planning demo, updated nightly and available as a weekly newsletter.

Tailored, Real-Time Data Access

Instant Access to Planning Applications: Stay ahead in your industry with immediate access to the latest planning application information. Our API ensures your systems and strategies are consistently up-to-date, giving you a significant edge in the market.

Seamless Connection with Custom Applications: Integrating PlanAtom’s data with your custom applications has never been easier. Our REST API is designed for effortless connection, streamlining your workflows and enhancing efficiency across your operations.

Powerful, Customised Data Retrieval: Use PlanAtom’s API to retrieve precisely the data you need. Our robust query parameters allow for tailored data extraction, perfectly aligning with your unique business requirements.

Harness the Full Potential of Planning Data

With PlanAtom’s API, you have the power to revolutionize your approach to data. Integrate real-time planning information into your bespoke systems and explore novel ways to leverage this data for your business’s growth.

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